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One of the things that all of us at Naked Madrid love about this city is that it’s authentically Spanish. Even though it’s a capital European city, it still has this traditional small town feel; it’s a bit set in its ways. Although we’re trying to transmit all of Madrid’s charm with this blog, there’s only so much we can explain in English. Lots of cultural tidbits and anecdotes are lost in translation, and if you’re still bearing with us through all our posts, we hope that learning Spanish is somewhere on your list of priorities (that is, if you haven’t mastered it yet!)

If you’re thinking about brushing up on your language skills, many of us who write at Naked Madrid also run a language consultancy called Rodmell House, where we teach Spanish, among other languages. The majority of the writers from our team are actually from Spain and make the effort to write in their second-language on this blog. That being said, we understand how difficult it is to think in another language! If you live here and have the opportunity to practice Spanish every day, we’d love to help you advance even faster. Even if you don’t live here and prefer Skype conversation classes with us, we’d also love to be of help.

Here’s our site. You can contact us through the link or through the form below.

¡Te esperamos!

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