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pic from Madrid No Frils

Here’s a list of the best Madrid blogs and sites that we use, and we sincerely recommend you use them too!

For what’s going on, groups and clubs

  • Visita Madridfollow the town hall’s Instagram and Facebook pages to stay on top of new local projects, neighbourhood events and Madrid fiestas!
  • Madrid Free – updated regularly, this site tells you about tons of free events going on in the city, from movies and exhibits to concerts and workshops
  • – there’s an endless number of awesome groups to join in Madrid, seriously check it out if you’re here in the long term!
  • Time Out Madrid – an extensive archive of Madrid activities, restaurants, bars and day-trips, and every now and then, they discover something even we had no idea about!

For job hunting and networking

  • InterCom Spain – an international networking group for creative professionals mainly in the communication field. They have monthly meetups and very active Facebook, Linkedin and Meetup pages.
  • Lingobongo – a very easy-to-use site where locals post about teaching jobs, language exchanges, housing and more.

For expat immigration and residency advice

  • SpainGuru – created by three American women living in Madrid, this site offers in-depth articles on everything from registering as a freelancer to getting a work permit.

For cultural tidbits, restaurants and more

  • Madrid No Frills an in-depth blog about local eateries, immigrant cultures, nostalgic bars and forgotten corners of Madrid. Explore our city with these guys and you might just fall in love with Madrid all over again.
  • Much Bites – this Instagram-based blog is run by a little team of expat foodies on a constant hunt for the coolest, tastiest, cosiest foodie corners of Madrid.
  • 0thfloor – we love this Spanish Instablog with stunning pictures of the restaurants’ facades and a simple but thorough description of their food, prices and history.
  • Little Miss Madrid – a new restaurant blog created by one of Naked Madrid’s most active writers, Cat Powell. We can’t wait to see it blossom. Follow her on instagram too @littlemissmadrid
  • Las Mesas de Vanessa – although this Madrid restaurant blog hasn’t been updated for about a year, you’ll still find a truly great selection of eateries featured on the site.

For Spanish food insights

  • Devour Madrid Tours – their passion for traditional Spanish food is contagious! Join them in the heart of Madrid to experience everything you’d hoped of Spain and more.
  • Spanish Sabores – a personal blog with more local tips and Spanish recipes by the founder of Devour Food Tours.
  • Madrid Urban Adventures – get off the beaten path and try traditional Spanish food inside Madrid’s bustling neighborhood markets.

For blogs in Spanish, about the coolest on everything:

  • Madrid Cool Blog – a bilingual blog absolutely on trend of the latest cafés, bars, restaurants to hit the Madrid scene.
  • Madrid Diferente – run by a huge team of on-the-ground local foodies, this blog will help you discover everything cool, chic and sophisticated.
  • Microplán Madrid – this blog both digs deep and stretches wide to bring you recommendations for food, plans and less-known sights.
  • Secretos de Madrid – this blog is an online cabinet of historical Madrid facts and mind-blowing antique photographs.
  • Somos Malasaña – an extremely in-depth Spanish blog about the neighbourhood’s goings on. Discover everything from small community projects you can get involved in, to new bars, restaurants and local news. They also have two sisters blogs: Somos Chueca and Somos Chamberí.

feature photo courtesy of @madridnofrills

Have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments!