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Want to reach Madrid’s English-speaking community as quickly as possible? Then you’re in the right place.

Naked Madrid is the leading English-language online city guide, and one of the most popular and trusted sources of information on the Spanish capital. We take pride in offering quality content about unique locations and cool happenings in Madrid that we genuinely care about and know our readers will appreciate, too.

The team behind Naked Madrid also runs the English-language immigration and residency forum,, which is geared at expats already in Spain or looking to move here. We can offer combined packages for advertising on both platforms.

In addition to our websites:

  • Naked Madrid has nearly 5,000 actively engaged and completely organic followers on our Facebook page. We also have nearly 3,000 organic followers on our Instagram account.
  • SpainGuru has an active and well curated Facebook group with more than 4,500 vetted contributors

Naked Madrid advertising opportunities

Reach thousands of your potential customers across Madrid and Spain with advertorial content, photo galleries, event promotion, or other engaging content on our website and social media channels. Get in touch with us for more stats and info.

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How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on your needs. We can ensure that it will always be great value for money considering our huge reach.

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