Living Room Concerts – Weekend “Planazo” in Madrid

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In Madrid there are hundreds, if not thousands of things to do on any given weekend. Doing a quick Google search for live music, for example, will show you multiple Top Ten lists of the most well-known spots. However, you won’t find a live music venue more intimate than that of Living Room Concerts. It’s just like it sounds: concerts held in people’s living rooms and you’re invited.

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Born in, yes, a living room, it was Nichole Hastings’ idea to bring emerging and little known artists and their original music into the spotlight. In nomadic spirit, LRC moves around Madrid to different pre-approved flats in all barrios spreading new independent music around the city to as many guests as the particular living room (and guest list) can hold.

Living Room Concerts Madrid

LRC has even put down roots in one fixed location in Malasaña, a cultural community center called el Salón del Artista. On arrival, be prepared to be ushered in with a warm welcome from the owner of the flat and then find a seat so you can comfortably listen to the original music and stories behind the songs from, often bilingual, artists.

Living Room Concerts Madrid

Once inside, it’s easy to see that the diverse crowd has arrived expecting to meet new people and listen to original music that they couldn’t hear anywhere else.

Living Room Concerts Madrid

During any given concert you could hear independent Spanish artists singing in English or a multicultural group singing in some combination of languages. Because of this, the concerts feel inclusive and not limited to any particular group or musical taste.

Living Room Concerts Madrid

If you’re in Madrid alone or with friends, LRC will sit you within feet of an independent artist and among members of the Living Room Concerts’ community in Madrid.


  • Follow LRC on Facebook & Instagram
  • To attend, the reservations work on the honor system but you do have to sign up through their Facebook page or their page.
  • Price: The event has a very reasonable cover which can be turned into a “cover + open bar” for 3 euros more. Towards the end of the concert you can make a donation which goes right to the artists you’ve just met.
  • Links to artists who’ve recently performed: TaiacoreBeMyFiascoDavid Roma 

By Caitlin Mackenzie


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