Salivate at Sargo


The run-up to Christmas is undoubtedly (if you’re anything like me) a social whirlwind. I’m not quite sure where the need came from to see literally *everyone that you know* before Santa arrives; it’s almost as though we feel like the world might implode come December 25th.

In light of this, I often wind up feeling as though I’m over stretched having over committed. And therefore – rather than be filled with “Christmas cheer” – this quickly turns to “Christmas fear” as I realise I’ve spent too much time partying and not enough time purchasing (other people’s gifts that is).

However, there are some dates in the old diary that are no hardship to keep. In this case, it was dinner at the recently opened Sargo. Located in Barrio Salamanca – not my usual stomping ground, but in an area that I do aspire to spend more time in and around – Sargo felt like the sophisticated older sister to many of the restaurants that I tend to frequent.


I met my friend at the bar for a sparkly start (some gin-based fizz) and began to peruse the menu. It quickly transpired that whilst there were definite crowd pleasers to be found, innovation was the buzz word at Sargo with plenty of inventive options, of which I’ll elaborate on later.


For me, I’m all about the “three S’s” when I go out for dinner, so let me explain. Style, service and (lip) smackingly good food. It wasn’t wasted on me that the decor at Sargo was Pinterest worthy in terms of its prettiness and if I’m going to be sat still for hours, then I want something nice to look at.


On that note, next comes the service. It didn’t go unnoticed on myself or my dining companion that our waiter was incredibly attentive and essentially, he could’ve been plucked from the beaches of Rio. Pau was everything you’d want in a server, knowledgeable but not pushy. Friendly but not overbearing. Gorgeous but not so distractingly so that our food would go cold.


So onto the food, it passed the “S” test and then some. As I went with a veggie friend (we cover all food group bases) and tried A LOT of different things – what can I tell you, we were warming up for Christmas.


The standout dish for me was the sashimi de atún rojo, which was a work of art – quite literally, it was served upon a pintoresco. The concept of the menu is undoubtedly unique though – split into easy-to-read groups such as “de machete” – perfect for meat lovers and “de cuchara” which is ideal for those seeking comfort – which to be honest in these tiresome temps, who isn’t?



We bid the team at Sargo farewell having tackled the menu as a tag team and safe in the knowledge that we’d given their marvellously Mediterranean menu a good old bash.

If you’re looking for a spot that definitely isn’t style over substance, give Sargo more than just a glance. Set to become a darling of the Salamanca scene, set up camp now before the hordes arrive.




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