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Meat Review by Naked Madrid

A few years back, I was lucky enough to visit Chicago and let’s just say that the food in the windy city is up there with its architecture; it’s pretty memorable. It helped enormously that I was visiting a friend who is quite the foodie and had mapped out a dining odyssey that ensured that I needed two seats on the flight home, given the cals I’d ingested in the space of one week.

One meal that stood out was a burger at the now-infamous hotspot, Au Cheval. My friend nonchalantly explained that given the reputation of the burgers there, we’d need to put our names down and head off for drinks before we’d actually get to chow on down. Obviously this seemed absurd as a visiting Brit, but I duly did as I was told. Fast forward a couple of hours and boy did I eat my words (and what remains to be THE most epic burger I’ve ever tasted).


It’s hard to explain what made it so unforgettable, but it’s certainly not just me that feels that way. Google the burger at Au Cheval and it’s been hailed by almost every Tom, Dick and Harry as the best in the world. Since that fateful evening in Chi Town, I’ve been on the hunt for the next best thing and I think my search is over upon discovering Meat.

Meat Review by Naked Madrid

Meat is tucked away down a street that offers plenty of eating options such as Boca Calle and Cripeka. But if you’re in the business of beef, Meat is where it’s at. The concept and menu are equally similar, they do two burgers (along with with fries, onion rings and salad) and that’s it. There’s the perennially popular Cheeseburger and whatever happens to be the monthly special.

Meat Review by Naked Madrid

We ordered the whole shebang and it was a treat for the old tastebuds. I’m known for being quite the carnivore so suffice to say, Meat may be my happy place. I don’t need bells and whistles when it comes to a decent-tasting burger and what makes Meat so good is that they focus on the basics and execute them to perfection. A buttery brioche bun, paired with perfectly seasoned beef makes you happy to indulge even when your jeans are feeling slightly snug.


It didn’t go unnoticed to me that there’s Aesop products in the bathroom and G’Vine gin on offer which elevates Meat in my opinion from some of its more humble carnivorous competitors. On a Tuesday evening it was mildly busy but not eardrum shatteringly so, making it the ideal spot for a midweek bite to eat which will leave you with change from a twenty.

Make plans to meet at Meat.



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  • October 27, 2017


    finding any burger in Madrid that rivals a good burger in the U.S (or U.K) is tough-so I will definitely try to check this place out! have been disappointed by 99.9% of burgers in Madrid. The places that keep it simple and do the little they do at a very high level always end up being the best in my experience as well! :)