Creamies, Malasaña’s new ice cream & cookie sandwich bar

Creamies Ice Cream & Sandwich Bar by Naked Madrid

Sugar addict? Keep reading. Don’t have a sweet tooth? This place is not for you.

Opened just three weeks, Creamies is a tiny ice cream sandwich bar in the heart of Malasaña that lures guests in with its neon ’80s-esque decor and customers leaving with their sugary mounds of perfection.


The process is simple and tailored to your tastes.

First, you pick the “bread” of the sandwich: a donut (regular or Oreo), a blueberry muffin top, or a cookie—classic chocolate chip, white chocolate, triple chocolate… Undecided? You can mix & match the top and bottom.


Next, choose the ice cream filling: “triki” monster (kind of like birthday cake flavor), donut cream, “La Movida Madrileña,” double chocolate brownie, Kinder, yogurt & berry…

ice cream

Lastly, you can choose a “topping”—whichever you choose, they’ll roll the sandwich in it. There are sprinkles, Lacasitos, marshmallows, Froot Loops, cookie crumbs, chocolate sauce, and more.


Would ya just look at that happiness?!

It’s cheap, it’s delicious, and the service is friendly. Corred!


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  • Address: C/ Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 30
  • Metro: Tribunal

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