Workout Tips for Moms in Madrid!

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If you are a former gym buff wondering how you can get some exercise that doesn’t involve changing diapers or pushing a swing, fear not! Your workout days don’t have to be over.

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Mom and baby yoga is a great way to get out of the house, recover strength and flexibility and spend time with your baby. Most yoga classes go from 6 weeks until the baby starts crawling. Check out the Mom and Baby yoga classes at Centro El Patio near the Bilbao metro stop and Zentro Yoga close to the Retiro on Calle Claudio Coello.

Yoga for families is another good option for toddlers and children (the age requirement varies from center to center). City Yoga offers classes for parents and toddlers from 1-3 years and Centro Infantil Nariz Roja starts at 4 years.

Gyms with daycare

Unfortunately gyms with daycare are few and far between in Madrid. Why deep-pocketed entrepreneurs aren’t investing in gyms with daycare remains a mystery. If you are lucky enough to live near one of the gyms that offer daycare, be sure to ask the minimum age before going. Some won’t take babies or toddlers.

Try Baby Running

Going for a run with your baby or toddler is probably the most convenient way to get some exercise. Just make sure you have a proper jogging stroller – you don’t want to hurt your little one in the process!  If you’re tight on space, opt for a model that can go from swivel to fixed wheel and it can also serve as your everyday stroller. Check out Baby Running for a selection of top-rated sport strollers.

Try Baby Blading

If rollerblading is your thing, the BOB Revolution PRO is the first stroller to be certified for rollerblading. Get yours here.

Rent bikes

Places to rent bicycles are popping up all over the city. Go for a bike ride with your kids in a nearby park, or if you live in the center, the Paseo del Prado is closed for cars from 9AM-4PM on Sundays. Located across from the O’Donnell entrance to the Retiro, Diverbikes is also a fun way for the whole family to get some exercise.

MamiFit classes

MamiFit classes are designed to help new moms in their postpartum recovery, with an emphasis on hypopressive exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and core. The best part is that you can bring your baby, a few of his or her favorite toys and get in a workout (if your baby cooperates☺).

Go swimming

Take your children for a swim at one of the many indoor and outdoor public pools. If your little ones could use some help learning to swim, some pools offer swimming lessons. Take advantage of class time to do some laps yourself!


Ignore your to-do list and use nap time to release some endorphins doing exercise at home. There are tons of good full-length exercise videos on YouTube. Some favorites are All Around Fitness and Body Rock.


By Marybeth Redheffer

Marybeth is the founder of Baby Running, an online store selling sport strollers so you can go out for a run with the little one in the city! Check out her website and facebook.

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