Yoka Loka

Squeezed between aisles of fruit vendors and meat merchants in the lively Mercado Antón Martín, you can find Yoka Loka, a sushi restaurant worth your euros.

Yoka Loka

Their hours may not jive with the Spanish schedule of eating dinner around nine or ten p.m., (since the market in which the restaurant is located closes its doors at nine), but you may want to consider eating out earlier than usual to get a taste of the maki and nigiri rolling out of the kitchen. Or perhaps, it may be better suited for a lunch out on the town.

Happening upon this locale is delightful in itself. It is unexpected to find a sushi stall in the midst of the traditional market products. The restaurant is tiny; a small counter to place your order, a small matchbox kitchen, and a dining room that is comparable in size to a train car. Flanking the small dining area and kitchen are narrow bar areas set up to accommodate a few extra diners. If seated here, you can peek into the kitchen to see what the chefs are up to.

Yoka Loka

Prices aren’t outrageous. For example, eleven euros will buy you the Yoka Loka sampler box with between nine and thirteen pieces depending. Yoka Loka offers some of the truest-to-form sushi in Madrid. Rolls are not sullied by sugary rice or tasteless fish as some sushi establishments in the city are prone to do. Here, quality comes out of the kitchen and is presented beautifully to boot.

Yoka Loka

Order a bottle of Japanese beer to round out the meal and savor the taste of something different than Mahou.

Yoka Loke


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  • Address: Calle Santa Isabel, 5 Planta Baja
  • Phone: +34 610 602 722
  • E-mail: hola@yokaloka.com

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