Perrachica, Prioritize A Pow Wow Here Now

Inside Perrachia

Chamberi isn’t an area that’s necessarily on everyone’s radar. Once you battle through the sea of yummy mummies pushing bugaboos you might not have the ‘ganas’ to locate somewhere for your weekend brunch. But all that’s changed with the arrival of the shiny, new (quite frankly beautiful) Perrachica.

Meaning 5 pesetas, Perrachica is pretty hard to miss. Stumbled upon when getting my weekly mani, it’s a glamorous (fairly cavernous) bar/cafe/restaurant that doesn’t quite look as though it belongs on the humble looking Calle Eloy Gonzalo but I for one am chuffed to bits that there’s somewhere so swish within walking distance of my flat.


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Heralding from the super successful Larrumba group, (which also boasts Juanita Cruz, Frida and the like) Perrachica feels like you walked into the rather glam home of a friend who makes you feel like you live in a hovel.

However, aside from the envy inducing decor the food is equally great and the prices won’t leave your eyes watering – in fact, they may leave you bemused. With a recent choice of French toast costing a grand total of (drumroll please…) €3.50.


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The biggest challenge though isn’t making your menu selection – it’s getting in. Each time I’ve walked past it’s been full to the rafters with madrileños clearly making the pilgrimage from barrios afar. Waiting lists allegedly exist having been told that the chance of a Saturday reso was slim to none until the end of February.

So I advise making like the Harrod’s sale and just camping out – or failing that just take your chances early morning and take advantage of the relative calm. Come 7ish a DJ (quite literally) pops out of the wall and dancing shoes may be required.

From dawn to dusk, Perrachica is set to be an undisputed crowd pleaser *and the perfect place to take out of towners who you’re keen to impress (whilst spending less). Sorry, couldn’t resist a rhyme.


Dirección:C/ Eloy Gonzalo 10, 28010 Madrid.
Telf: (+34) 91 737 77 75
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