Beauty Series: Madrid’s Best Nail Salons, Part 2

Nails Madrid

As promised, here’s part 2 of our beauty series: Madrid’s best nail salons, the post that many of our readers have been waiting for! Enjoy your mini-pedis, ladies and gentlemen! (see part 1 here)

1. Lima Creative Nails


Located in Chueca, this nail salon has been a true discovery for many reasons. What my friends and I liked the most about Lima Creative Nails is that their services are very affordable and they even provide special treatments for men, because, come on, who said that mani-pedis were just for women?

  • Here’s the website so you can see the full list price
  • Where: Calle Pelayo, 68. Tf: 912793351

2. Nails USA

I went here with a friend to treat ourselves to a fantastic manicure and pedicure, and we loved it. The women working at Nails USA were super fast and professional. They also use very good products and the mani-pedi was very well priced.

  • Manicure: €5 Express, €8 normal. €12 permanent; Up to €20 for a specific treatment.
  • Pedicure: €7 to €15 Express full.
  • Web & address: Where: Calle Hortaleza 28

3. Violeta Nails

Situated on Atocha street, Violeta Nails (whose web I can’t seem to find) offers a very good mani-pedi with good-quality products like OPI and MASGLO; the store also sells a wide range of products so you can give yourself a manicure at home.

  • Prices: Mani-pedi, €20. Manicure €7 to €15. Pedicure, €15 to €23.
  • Where: Atocha, 98, tf:91 128 56 64

4. Dama Nails

I stumbled upon Dama Nails while running errands around my neighborhood (near metros Conde de Casal, Melendez Pelayo and Pacifico) and fell in love with it. You can find all the colors under the sun and they only use the top brands: Essie, Masglo and Opi. The prices are great and you can usually find promotional deals for manicures and pedicures. For example, I got a 3-pack of manicures and pedicures for €30 euros; and that day I also bought several Masglo colors. I recommend making an appointment.

  • Web
  • Where: Calle de Valderribas, 27, tf: 91 232 23 32

5. Nails Princess


Nails princess is a beautiful nail salon located on Calle Princesa. The service they provide is complete and very professional. Prices are also very competitive: From €11.90 fo an express manicure to €16.90 for a spa manicure. Pedicure prices range from €11.90 to €24.90 for a spa pedicure.

  • Web
  • Where: Calle de la Princesa, 25

6. Nails Plus

Situated very close to the Fnac store in Callao, Nails Plus is a small but cozy place. I went there for a quick manicure on the go and I have to say it was a great decision. I got a very clean and complete manicure, with Opi and Masglo of course.

  • Prices: Manicure, €7 to €15; Pedicure, €15 to €35.
  • Where: Mesoneros Romanos 10, tf: 915048433

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