Dime que me quieres: Personalized jewelry to show how much you love someone (or yourself)

Dimequemequieres by Naked Madrid jewellery

This may be the déjà vu (and if you’ve read some of my previous work on Naked Madrid, you already know this). But I once again have found a spot on Instagram. Lovely Pepa, a Madrid-based fashion blogger had a beautiful gold-plated bangle and, curious, about where she got it, I clicked on the pin which had the designer tagged.

¡Fenomenal! I said to myself, it’s right on my way home from Plaza de Castilla (on my way back from one of my July gigs in Alcobendas). Looking for relief from the oppressive heat, I headed down the hill as Plaza de Santa Bárbara merges with Hortaleza and Fernando VI off to the little storefront on the Travesía de San Mateo (which I, considering myself to have an excellent handle of my Madrid geography, had just found out existed) where you’ll find Dimequemequieres.


Run by Eva Verdeal, who divulges on the blog that she studied fashion design in Madrid and London, and until having kids, worked in the fashion industry. One day, she came up with the name “Dime que me quieres” from the idea that there are an infinite amount of ways for us to say “I love you.” And by personalizing bracelets and necklaces we can manifest however we want to say te quiero (or I love you) to the people around us.

When I walked into the store, I was in love with everything and began trying lots of things on. The biggest conundrum was that my desired message was too long for what Eva considered to be her preferred piece. After a little bit of debate, she proposed abbreviating my desired phrase, and I agreed.

After waiting for a few minutes while she engraved the bracelet down in the basement workshop (and browsing through the sale section), my brand-new bracelet was proudly on my wrist



and back

and back

There are plenty of other non-personalized pieces such as statement necklaces, earrings, and rings (all in my exact taste!)


While I’m a gold-plated kind of girl, you can also get pieces in silver or rose-plated as well. I’m already creating a mental wishlist.


Her pieces are stocked in some El Corte Inglés locations (I have seen a display case in the one on Preciados), but it’s well worth going to the store/workshop to have yours engraved in the moment (and as an added bonus, if you’re a tea lover. you can take samples from a tea shop in the vicinity.

Dite que te quieres (Tell yourself that you love yourself) or whoever you love how much with something from Dimequemequieres

Dime que me quieres

Address: Travesía de San Mateo, 7-9
Tel.: +34 914 38 40 98
Email: info@dimequemequieres.net
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 AM-8:30 PM
Metro: Alonso Martínez (Lines 4, 5, and 10)

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