Nippon2 — Top Quality Yet Affordable Sushi. Finally!

Nippon2 Sushi Restaurant by Naked Madrid

Back in the foodie land of plenty (the UK), folk have clocked on that sushi is actually inexpensive to make, and therefore now inexpensive to buy. Hurrah! But here, on the other hand, we’re still paying so much for sushi that it’s become a very rare treat, except in one forward-thinking restaurant where you can get HALF PRICE SUSHI! And don’t worry, it’s not a ball of rice with a slither of salmon so skimpy it should be censored, this is scientifically spot-on sushi.

Nippon2’s smiley sushi chef

The ‘catch’ is that you must sit at the bar, which isn’t a catch at all as the bar is comfortable and you can watch the smiley sushi chef do his thing: all very fun. There is also only a discount on sushi, not any of the other dishes (dumplings, curries, salads etc.), but we were very much here for the sushi.

The bar and dining area

I’ve been to Nippon2 a few times – mostly on Sundays as this used to be the only day of the offer, but now it’s every evening, even weekends! And on Sundays, the offer also extends to the dining area!

So last night, my friend and I decided to make a night of it. We kicked off the evening with a fabulous happy hour cocktail at Bar Cock just opposite. We’d then barely put our coats back on to meander across the road to Nippon 2 and had plonked ourselves at the bar, excitedly flicking through the photo-assisted menu.

The sushi

We ordered a glass of wine each and 5 sushi dishes to share (I strongly recommend getting at least one of the tempura sushi rolls too). It all came to €31.20 which, for having had to ‘california-roll’  ourselves home, made us feel like winners.


Nippon 2 (Restaurant) Address: Calle Reina, 31 (metro Gran Vía or Banco de España)
Nippon Takeaway Address: Calle Cava Baja, 27 (metro La Latina)

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