Krachai, a Cozy & Elegant Thai Restaurant in Chueca

Krachai, Thai restaurant in Madrid by Naked Madrid

Krachai is yet another seemingly upscale establishment that was first introduced to me by my Dad’s friend, Rafael. This fantastic Thai restaurant, situated near metro Alonso Martinez, offers a satisfying 13€ menu del dia. My friend Diana and I have eaten here on a handful of special occasions; somehow each time it slips my mind to reserve a table. This is strongly advised due to the location’s popularity, otherwise diners are condemned to wait in line. The wait was worth it today. This spot is cozy, dimly lit, and has two floors. The ambiance is calming and the servers are highly attentive and efficient.


Diana and I were well aware of what we would be ordering off of their menu del dia by the time we were seated. We both got the mixed appetizers which consists of the chicken and peanut sauce skewer, a spring roll, and a crispy shrimp dumpling. Diana followed this up with the spicy red curry with chicken strips, vegetables and jasmine rice. My main course was a yellow curry with prawns and vegetables. I am a huge fan of shrimp in all of their various forms.



Krachai, Thai restaurant in Madrid by Naked Madrid

I voiced that all of my life decisions were validated due to their preceding the moment where this indulgent feast was in front of me. By the time the rice expanded in our stomachs, our desserts arrived. I had a scoop of strawberry ice cream, and Diana a small flan, in order to end our experience on a sweet note. I strongly recommend this location and its menu del dia when you have a craving for Thai cuisine.

Address: C/ Fernando VI, 11
Metro: Alonso Martinez
Contact: 91 833 65 56 

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