Perdizione, a hidden Tex-Mex Burrito shop in Lavapies


Until quite recently, kebabs and falafels had the monopoly over nighttime snacks in Lavapies. My favorite new Tex-Mex hole in the wall is hidden due to its awkward branding.


Perdizione, a pizza franchise with another location in Legazpi, has partial ownership of this site—the sign above the door says “Perdizione Pizzeria” which causes passersby to be none the wiser that inside can be found hearty and filling burritos and other Mexican treats.


For 4 euros you can get an enormous burrito of cochinita, vegetables or chicken, and for an additional €1.50 you can add on nachos, guacamole and a beer. Tacos cost 1.50. I smiled when I saw that they offered Negra Modelo, my Dad’s favorite beer from his native city of Mexico D.F. The staff of this location have always been super majo.


Once I earned regular status I offered my council to the owner—this establishment needs to focus on its strengths and prioritize the burritos and its branding as a Mexican joint.


Where: Calle Miguel Servet 9
Metro: Lavapies, Embajadores

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  • March 11, 2015

    Ryan Turner

    Great job Dan! Thanks for sharing. You definitely did the right thing by letting the owner know of his flaw in branding. I´ve passed here a bazillion times. but since I´m in love with Fratelli D’Italia I’ve never been the least interested in trying another italian place in the hood.

    They should definitely concentrate on the mexican branding and focus their restaurant on Mexican and NOT italian!

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  • May 28, 2015

    Auxilliar Yank

    That restaurant must not exist any longer. There’s a kebap shop there, then next to it is this modern Spanish restaurant. There’s no Mexican place disguised to be an Italian Restaurant at Calle Miguel Servet 9