The 4 Coziest Cafés in Chamberí

best cafes in Chamberi, Madrid by Naked Madrid

The district of Chamberi is the heart of Madrid’s university life. During the week, the neighborhoods of Moncloa, Islas Filipinas, and Guzman El Bueno are bustling with students. It only makes sense that some of Madrid’s best cafes are located in this area. After all, university students need their caffeine! The following is a short list of my personal favorites. These four cafes are all perfect for that much needed study break!

1. La Rollerie



I discovered this adorable cafe about a year ago and fell absolutely in love with it. And I’m not the only one! Any day of the week you can find La Rollerie filled with people, especially during lunchtime. What I love most about this cafe, besides its friendly staff, is its extensive menu. La Rollerie is the perfect place for a coffee break (a delicious cappuccino) or a full meal (try their beef burger or their salad with goat cheese).

Contact Info:
Guzmán el Bueno 105, 28003
Phone: +34 91 399 2193
Metro: Islas FIlipinas

2. Chocolate y Nata



What’s really nice about this cafe is how small and quiet it is. Never very noisy, Chocolate y Nata provides a cozy and authentic atmosphere. Enjoy their mixed croissant or any of their succulant cakes! As its name would suggest, this cafe offers some of the best chocolate pastries in the area.

Contact Info:
Paseo de San Francisco de Sales, 21, 28003
Phone: +34 915 44 73 64
Metro: Guzman el Bueno, Islas Filipinas

3. Salon des Fleurs


Out of the four cafes on this list, Salon des Fleurs has been open the shortest amount of time. Still, it has created the biggest buzz! Customers are eager to enter into the unique experience that results from the fusion of a cafe and a flower shop. The flowery decor paired with a delicious selection of teas, coffee, and pastries sets Salon des Fleurs apart. You can also check out a previous article on Salon des Fleurs here.

Contact Info:
Calle Guzman el Bueno 106, 28003
Phone: +34 91 535 23 48
Metro: Guzman el Bueno, Islas Filipinas

4. Miga


Miga is a popular choice for students of Saint Louis University Madrid and CEU because of its convenient location, delicious coffee, and young (good-looking) staff. Often you will find Miga packed with customers but in the afternoon the cafe proves a perfect environment for unwinding and conversation. Miga provides a warm and friendly atmosphere definitely worth checking out. Try their delicious chocolate muffins!

Contact Info:
Calle Julian Romea, 8, 28047
Phone: +34 917 52 46 35
Metro: Guzman el Bueno


Photos provided by Charlotte Geier, instagram: @charlotte_geier


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