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What to see: 

La ciudad condal (as it’s also called in Spanish) has everything you’d like to see in a city: crazy Gaudi architecture, great food and of course, the Mediterranean. One of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona has been written about a lot and it’s not our mission at Naked Madrid to show you what the city has to offer. We jus want to tell you how to get there!

From Madrid, there are many ways to get there, although I highly recommend the high speed train (AVE). It takes barely 3 hours and most importantly, it picks you up and drops you off right in the center city (a true godsend). You’ll also skip the waiting time at the airport and the annoying 6-hour drive from Madrid. Plus, it’s not too expensive if you get the ticket in advance and choose the right date (be aware of the public holidays).

To get your trip started, you should read Barcelona yellow post. Here, you’ll find the 10 must-see sites in Barcelona such as Sagrada Familia, Montjuic or Barrio Gótico. Another good one is Devour Barcelona’s blog. But I find my favourite tips in El boquerón viajero.

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 One place to eat at that we recommend is: Colmado

Our friends Bianca and Gaby took us to Colmado, a traditional Spanish restaurant and bar with a terrific atmosphere. You must order their patatas bravas (Potatoes with alioli sauce) and pan tumaca (bread with tomato and olive oil). It was really remarkable. You should call to book a table (a barrel with stools around it) ahead, as the place gets really busy.

Colmados’s main info:

Colmado by naked madrid

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How to get there:

  • By Train (High Speed Train – AVE)

            Depart from: Atocha train station

Departure Madrid-Barcelona (AVE)
Return Barcelona – Madrid (AVE)

            Duration: approx.  2.45 hour
            Price: 50€ (round trip approx. 100€).

*Link to Renfe’s Web Site to get the tickets 

  • By bus (Alsa)

            Depart from: Avenida de America or Barajas airport

   Duration: approx.  7 hour 30  min

            Price: 32,46€ (round trip 64,92€)

*Link to Alsa’s web site to get your tickets

Where to find it on a map:


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