Best Cafe-bookshops in Madrid, Round 2!

la Central best coffee bookshops in Madrid by Naked Madrid

Welcome to round two of Madrid’s best cafe-bookshops! As you may have noticed in round one, Madrid’s central neighborhoods boast quite a lot of quaint coffee shops and bars that encourage drinking and reading under one roof. While most specialize in their literary offerings, others provide a random selection of paperbacks and hardcovers. But to be honest with you, I don’t go for the books; I go for the ambience.

There’s something about drinking coffee amidst a sea of books that puts me at ease and lends me a feeling of utter comfort. So, whether you’re like me or actually want to dive into a good read, here are five more wonderful bookshop cafes in the Spanish capital that you’re bound to fall in love with.

1. La Central 

La Central cafe bookshop in Madrid by Naked Madrid

La Central cafe bookshop in Madrid by Naked Madrid

La Central is a trendy bookshop near Callao and hands down the most modern of all on this list. It boasts three floors, a happening bar with a full menu and a selection of much more than books on offer. At La Central, you can find funky mugs, quirky bags, useful calendars, board games, wrapping paper, you name it. Thus, it’s also a great place to get gifts in Madrid.

Address: C/ Postigo de San Martín, 8
Metro: Callao

2. J&J Books and Coffee

J and J's Books and Coffee Madrid by Naked Madrid

J and J's Books and Coffee Madrid by Naked Madrid

A long-time staple among Madrid’s expat community, this corner bar has a downstairs bookstore selling a large selection of primarily used English-language books, including ESL resources. Up at the bar, you can get craft beer, wine, coffee, bagels and other things to munch on. Also check out J&J’s free events that bring together an international crowd. For example, they hold language exchanges on Wednesday nights at 8pm and pub quizzes (trivia nights) on Friday nights at 11pm. Lots of fun!

Address: c/ Espiritu Santo, 47
Metro: Noviciado

3. italiana_madrid

italiana_madrid caffee librería by Naked Madrid

italiana_madrid caffee librería by Naked Madrid

This Italian café and bookshop is located on one of Madrid’s most vibrant streets — Corredera Baja de San Pablo — which is lined with fun bars, cafes and restaurants. Coincidentally, another one of our favorite Italian joints, Aió, lies just a few doors down. At italiana_madrid, you can get a strong espresso or aperol spritz, plus a wide selection of Italian reads ranging from cookbooks to children’s books.

Address: Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 10
Metro: Gran Vía 

4. Monpassa

Monpassa Cafe bookshop Madrid

Monpassa Cafe bookshop Madrid

Situated on an assuming street near metro Antón Martín, Monpassa is a travel bookshop that boasts high ceilings, wooden beams, brick walls and mismatched furniture. You can tell the building that houses Monpassa is quite old. The tall windows and tiny stools turn it into a fine place for a coffee and an afternoon chat with a friend.

Address: c/ Costanilla de los Desamparados, 13
Metro: Antón Martín

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