The Table By: A new gastronomic concept to bring restaurants from across Spain (including chefs and utensils) to Madrid!

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The Table: a new gastronomic concept

Over the next six months, six leading restaurants from across Spain will come to Madrid for one month at a time. Along with them, they’ll be bringing their very own dishes, cuisine, local products and chefs to offer a truly unique gastronomic experience in the heart of the Spanish capital. The Table calls itself a pop-up restaurant, although it’s much more; it is a new gastronomic adventure that is taking the idea of “pop-up” to a whole new level.


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The Team: Better

Better is the young and creative team behind The Table. An unconventional agency that organizes pop up markets and events, Better’s projects have one thing in common: they are unique, creative and innovative. On this occasion, Better is creating The Table in collaboration with Hotel Urso and Alejandra Anson, Director of Elite Gourmet. Together they have brought a new concept to Madrid.

The Place: Hotel Urso

Located in the center of Madrid, Hotel Urso opened its doors in August and its building dates from 1915. Urso was a fine choice to host such an event, as it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen.

The Idea: Bring a whole restaurant to Madrid

The core idea behind The Table is essentially common — hotels invite star chefs to their kitchens all the time. However, Better has gone even further, as they thought: Why only bring a chef when you can bring the whole restaurant?

The Table invites restaurants to come to Madrid for a month to serve their dishes while using their own utensils and products, as well as promote their region’s cuisine. What’s more, the team at Better visits the original restaurant prior to the event to get inspiration from its surroundings and decorate the space at Hotel Urso accordingly. So it’s as if you were transported to a restaurant in Galicia, Bilbao, Barcelona, Cantabria ….

What’s on now: Abastos 2.0 from Galicia

For this first event, The Table is recreating Galicia. Until November 23rd, you can enjoy authentic dishes by two young Galician chefs, Marcos Cerqueiro and Iago Pazos, from Abastos 2.0, a restaurant that has three locations: Taberna, Galphón and O Loxe.

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The decor is also original, elegant and minimalist.

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For this first occasion, the team bought bottles, buckets, plates, etc., and pasted them to the wall to reflect different cultural traits of the region.

Abastos is located in the wonderful city of Santiago de Compostela. Their kitchen is 100% Galician, and so is the wine. You’ll notice that the products they use are not only fresh but also completely authentic. Here in Madrid, at Hotel Urso, you’ll find yourself eating the same fish from the same fishmonger that the restaurant uses back home in Galicia, as they made sure to get it delivered to Madrid for The Table.

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This is a “recogedor de migas de pan” (a crumb duster), the original one that the restaurant uses in their galician restaurant.

Galicia’s cuisine is known for its “materia prima” (raw material) which  is why the tasting menu focuses on just a few star ingredients from the region, such as octopus (pulpo), pan gallego (Galician bread), and marisco (seafood). The restaurant has prepared two typically Galician tasting menus for the event. The first menu consists of 9 dishes (45€) and the second, 12 dishes (60€). Wine is not included.

So, friends, if you want to enjoy a bit of different Spanish cuisine, do not miss out on The Table.

We will let you know about future restaurants, but we’ll give you a hint now: the next event is scheduled for December and will be Basque-inspired…


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