Los Chuchis Bar, Downright Good Food in Lavapiés

Los Chuchis Bar Madrid by Naked Madrid

Los Chuchis is a sweet little bistro bar that sits on calle Amparo, one of those typically narrow and sloping streets in Lavapiés. The bar lures you in with its white-and-blue-striped awning and funky decorations. Although it seats no more than fifty people — you may have to squeeze in at the bar or pounce on one of the few tables — what it lacks in size, it truly makes up for in quality. If you are a foodie, then dining at Los Chuchis is a must.

Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid

Los Chuchis was opened by Scott, an Englishman who has called Madrid home for about three years. Scott not only owns and runs the restaurant, but the kitchen, too. Los Chuchis‘ cuisine is British at heart; many dishes are inspired by Jamie Oliver, although touches of Spain can be noticed in its ingredients, drink selection and ambience.

Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid

The first time I heard of Los Chuchis was when Spain’s newspaper, El País, came out with an article on 10 Madrid Expats’ Favorite Bars. A photo of Los Chuchis and Scott was featured at the top of the article. That photo stuck with me.

Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid

Since Los Chuchis had been lingering on my list for weeks, James and I went for a menú del día (€11.50), which, I can assure you, is the best time to go. When I saw the menu, I was blown away by the number of succulent ingredients in each and every dish. Everything was so fresh and the presentation was delightful. I was smitten.

After much deliberation, here’s what we ordered for lunch:

For starters, I had a salad with fresh greens, watermelon and fetta cheese. James went for the cold avocado soup.

Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid
Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid

For the main course, I ordered hake fish with pesto and clams and James got the breaded veal with a lovely side salad of mango, tomato, avocado and onion.

Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid

Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid

While we could have written this post right then and there, we decided that it was only fair that we try out Los Chuchis for dinner too. We just wanted to make sure it was as good as we thought it was. So we went back for dinner the other night and guess what? It was.

Dinner at Los Chuchis means raciones with friends

At night, Los Cuchis serves raciones (large dishes which you can either share or eat on your own). As we entered the bar on a Tuesday night, James and I were hit with all types of wonderful smells and instantly started gazing over at the patrons beside us, admiring the dishes they were devouring. The star dish that kept on coming out of the kitchen was the potato skins with sour cream and hot sauce (€8.50).

The menu also featured tantalizing concoctions such as Stinking Bishop cheese with grapes (€13,50), Isle of Mull cheddar with chilli peppers (€13.50), oven-baked Camembert cheese with roasted garlic and rosemary (€12.50). Then there were the more classic dishes such as roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary (€10.50) as well as arugula salad with roasted tomato, red onion and Stilton cheese (€11.50).

James and I decided to share the lamb chops with yogurt and mint sauce (€14.50). James liked the sauce so much that he took it home with him in a coffee cup.

Los Chuchis bar by Naked Madrid

Los Chuchis should be on the top of your list if you’re into food, want to satisfy your tastebuds and appetite, and like discovering unique little restaurants that truly surprise you.

I recommend making a reservation for lunch and dinner. You can eat at the bar too.

Price range & hours:

  • Lunch: menú del día — weekdays €11.50 & weekends €14.50. From 2pm-4pm.
  • Dinner: raciones — 20-25€/person. Kitchen opens at 8:30pm.


Address: c/ Amparo, 82

Metro: Lavapiés

Phone: 911 27 66 06