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A few years ago, I was running late to work as usual and I got into my boca de metro (metro entrance) only to realize the metro had closed for no reason. I kept walking to the next metro stop, and it was closed too! “Yes! I have an excuse for being late to tell my boss,” thought the Spaniard in me. Then, I realized that something big was going on — the city’s public transport workers had gone on strike.

For three days, the city looked like a scene from a Hitchcock movie. People were either waiting in lines to take the bus or walking long distances to work. To sum up,  chaos reigned over the city. Finally, the transport union and City Hall came to an agreement and the citizens got back the most valued form of public transport in Madrid — the metro!!

Madrid’s first metro line was opened by the former King Alfonso XIII on October 17th, 1917. Today, under Felipe VI’s reign, El Metro de Madrid covers more than 300km and 12 lines (plus line “R” and the “light rail”) and it is the most used form of transport in Spain.

Here’s all you need to know about tickets, prices and zones!

metro by

metro by

If you’re in Madrid for a few days, there are three types of metro tickets to choose from:

1. Tourist travel pass for 8,40€, one day: unlimited rides for metro, bus and regional train system (Cercanías). Before you buy one, remember that the city center is not that big and you can walk almost everywhere.

2. Metrobús10-trip ticket for 12,20€: access to all metro lines and buses.

3. Single trip ticket for 1,50€ (first 5 stops + 0,10€ every next stop, max 2€).

Our advice: if you’re only here for a few days, you should buy this last option.

If you are planning on staying a bit longer, you might consider getting a monthly travel cardcalled an abono, in which case you’ll pay 54,60€ per month  for unlimited access to metro, bus and cercanías. For further information about this ticket, check out this article: How to get your abono.

  •  Schedule: the metro opens everyday of the year from 6am to 1:30am
  • Metro Map

Madrid Metro Map

  • Metro fares. Notice that Madrid is divided into different areas (A, B1, B2, etc). Regardless of price per ticket, getting your tickets and monthly pass require the same process explained above. 

Mapa Zonas by

Official Madrid transport website (All fares)

1. Abono turístico.

Zones 1 day 2 day 3 day 5 day 7 day
A 8.40 € 14.20 € 18.40 € 26.80 € 35.40 €
T 17.00 € 28.40 € 35.40 € 50.80 € 70.80 €

*by Tarifas red de transportes

2. Abono residentes.

Travel Card/Zone A B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 B1-B2
E1 E2
Monthly travel
card coupon
54.60€ 63.70€ 72.00€ 82.00€ 89.50€ 99.30€ 47.90€ 110.60€ 131.80€
Youth travel
card coupon
35.00€ 39.60€ 45.00€ 51.60€ 56.20€ 61.80€ 30.30€ 78.30€ 97.40€
Monthly senior citizen
travel card coupon
Anual travel
card coupon
546,00€ 637,00€ 720,00€ 820,00€ 895,00€ 993,00€ 479,00€ 1106,00€ 1138,00€
Anual youth travel
card coupon
350,00€ 396,00€ 450,00€ 516,00€ 562,00€ 618,00€ 303,00€ 783,00€ 974,00€
Anual senior citizen
travel card coupon

*by Tarifas red de transportes

3. Metrobus and singles trip tickets.

EMT ticket 1.50-2
Metro Zone A, EMT and ML1 ticket (Metrobús) 12.20
Single Ticket Metro+Extra charche (*) 4.50 5.00
Combined Metro Ticket+Extra charche 6.00
Airport Surcharge Ticket 3.00
Airport Express Bus Ticket 5.00

(*) Routes up to 5 stations or less: 1.50 €.

Routes of 6 to 9 stations: 0.10€ extra per station.
Routes of 10 stations or more: 2.00€.
In the vending machines inside all metro stations, you pick a destination on the touch screen and it will automatically calculate the number of stations and price for the shortest route possible.

(**) Valid for the Metro Network of Madrid Region, TFM and Light Rail.

(***) Valid for 10 journeys with a SINGLE transfer EMT + EMT in a maximum of 60 minutes starting from the first validation.

*by Tarifas red de transportes


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