Where to enjoy good film in Madrid

Cine Dore Filmoteca Madrid by Naked Madrid

Madrid has cinemas all over the city, yet this article aims to mention the city’s real gems when it comes to film–Madrid’s most beloved movie theaters, where films are shown in original version, and in some cases, where tickets cost less than 5€ and the theater alone is worth a visit.

Here’s a list of all Madrid’s cinemas for listings and buying tickets online. Tickets normally cost 9€, although you can find promotions depending on the day of the week. Most cinemas have a “día del espectador” (usually on Mondays although it varies) when tickets cost around 6-7€, and if you have a “carnet joven” or one of many types of discount cards, you can also get a few euros knocked off.

If you’re looking to see good film in Madrid, whether that means independent, foreign, blockbuster or simply in original version (versión original, i.e. V.O.), here are Madrid’s best cinemas for you: 

1. Plaza de los Cubos, (metro Plaza de España)

Right by Plaza de España, you’ll find two cinemas–Cines Renoir (c/ Princesa, 3 & Martín de los Heros, 12) and  Golem (c/ Martín de los Heros, 14)–showcasing films from around the world in original version, with subtitles in Spanish. Prices are standard (Monday tickets cost 6€, other days of the week, 9€).

*Cines Renoir has another location near Retiro, on calle Narváez, 42 (metros Goya & Ibiza).

2. Yelmo Cines Ideal, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente (metros Sol & Tirso de Molina)

Cine Ideal is perhaps the most popular movie theater in Madrid showing films in original version. I highly recommend this cinema because they feature great blockbuster movies as well as independent films, from Spain and around the world, and they are never dubbed. Normal adult tickets cost 9,20€, however, if you get a discount (i.e. Yelmo theater member or carnet joven) it costs 7.90€.  On Mondays, it’s  “día del espectador“, so tickets cost 7,30€ for everyone.

3. La Filmoteca Española (Cine Doré), c/ Santa Isabel, 3 (metro Antón Martín)

One of Madrid’s most special places, Cine Doré sits in a very old theater and revives all types of films from different eras and corners of the world. Here you can see movies from the 50’s from Korea, to the 90’s from France, and even more recent films from the US–you never know! Nevertheless, if you go, you’ll be happy to find yourself in a charming atmosphere and tickets are extremely cheap, just 2,50€! (and only 2€ if you have a student ID or carnet joven)

4. La Cineteca, Plaza de Legazpi, 8 (metro Legazpi)

Inside El Matadero, a former slaughterhouse turned cultural hub, La Cineteca is an awesome theater showcasing all types of films, from documentaries to independent foreign film festivals, at an unbeatable price: 3,50€. Some are even free. Plus you get to walk around El Matadero, which, if you haven’t been, is an absolute must.

5. Sala Berlanga, c/ Andrés Mellado 53 (metros Islas Filipinas & Argüelles)

If you’re looking to see Spanish films, this is the place. Sala Berlanga showcases Spanish-language films for 3€, and it is a hallmark of Spanish cinema culture in Madrid.

6. Cultural Centers

You can also see screenings at some of Madrid’s most welcoming cultural centers and embassies (usually for free), such as the French Institute, Korean Cultural Center and Russian Cultural Center.

7.  Outdoor Summer Cinema 

Madrid’s cultural centers, museums and municipal buildings are also great at putting on films outside, either on their terraces or rooftops, helping to fight the heat and making the most of the city’s cool Summer nights. Since Summer is now coming to an end, it’s a bit late to post an article on where to see films outside, however, here’s one you might like: Madrid Summer Cinema Guide by Espacio Madrid.

Find out more…

Lastly, a good website to use to find out about cheaper and independent cinema in Madrid is Madridfree.com, which tends to post about showings such as at the above mentioned cultural centers and independent theaters. For a go-to guide to all cinemas in Madrid, you can use esMADRID.com’s list of 11 original version theaters in Madrid, Guía del Ocio’s constantly updated movie listings and the most used, entradas.com.

What’s your favorite cinema in Madrid? Have we missed something? Let us know!



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