Madrid’s Best Ice Cream Shops!

best ice cream in madrid by naked madrid mistura

Summer, sun, heat, walks… When I think of all these things, only one thing comes to mind—ice cream! Madrileños love ice cream. In the same way that in winter we never say no to a good hot chocolate with churros, during the summer, it’s all about ice cream. Granizados and horchata are also big winners.

Virtually all cafes and bakeries in Madrid offer a wide range of ice cream flavors and other refreshing treats. But finding the highest quality homemade ice cream isn’t so easy. That’s why we’ve brought you this list of our favorite ice cream shops, which are conveniently located in different neighborhoods across the city so you’ll have easy access whenever you get a craving!

Here a few key words when ordering ice cream in Spanish:

Ice cream: helado
Flavor: sabor
Scoop: bola
Cone: cucurucho 
Cup: tarrina

Now, here’s the inside scoop on our favorite ice cream shops in Madrid:

1. Mistura

best ice cream in madrid by naked madrid mistura

Owned by young entrepreneurs who were inspired by a different way of making ice cream in India, Mistura serves up handcrafted ice cream in the heart of Madrid with a smile, using local and healthy ingredients. The first time I went there I was smitten. The guys who work there are really nice and they personalize your ice cream. Right in front of you, they mix the different flavors and toppings of your choice on a cold slab of granite (apparently to enhance its texture). I ordered maracuyá. Not to mention they’ve expanded their coffee and breakfast list.

Address: c/ Augusto Figueroa, 5
Metro: Chueca

2. Sani Sapori

Sani Sapori Best Ice Cream in Madrid by Naked Madrid

Run by very friendly and chatty Italians, Sani Sapori is by far one of our favoite shops in the city for its high quality ice cream (would you expect anything less from Italians?) and host neighborhood, Lavapiés! Situated on Calle Lavapiés 31, right in front of a million Indian food restaurants, you’ll find this little cozy shop a godsend after a big dinner or during a nighttime summer stroll. Last time I went, we had to have two rounds each… They didn’t have vanilla which was odd to me, but they made up for it with their mix of classic and innovative flavors. My favorite was the chocolate (simple I know, but truly divine). They also have a few tables set up outside which makes it a perfect experience all around.

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Price range: €2.50-3.50, check out the full price list here
Address: Calle Lavapiés 31
Metro: Lavapiés or Tirso de Molina

3. Los Alpes

Founded in 1950 by Pedro Marchi and Marcelina Ladero, Los Alpes is a real institution in Madrid. Located in the Moncloa area, the variety of flavors is infinite, from the most traditional to the most innovative. As a Madrileña I have to say, it makes me very happy that places like Los Alpes are still here after all these years.

Price Range: €1.50 – €7.80 (giant)
Address: Calle del Arcipreste de Hita, 6
Metro: Moncloa or Arguelles

4. Labonata

best ice cream in madrid by naked madrid la bonata

best ice cream in madrid by naked madrid la bonata chuecaWithout a doubt, if we talk about Chueca we’re talking about good restaurants, shops, cafés and, of course, ice cream is no exception. Located in Plaza de Chueca, this is a wonderful place for anyone who enjoys trying out new flavors, as this shop offers all the traditional kinds as well as more innovative options such as violet, marzipan and watermelon. I chose lemon pie… and it was pure pleasure.

Price Range: €2.90 – €4.50
Address: Plaza de Chueca, 8
Metro: Chueca

5. Kalúa Helado Artesanal

Kalúa Best Ice Cream in Madrid by Naked Madrid

We couldn’t leave Kalúa out of this list. This ice cream shop has been around for ages, or as they say in Spanish, “¡de toda la vida!” Located on Calle Fuencarral, in between metros Bilbao and Quevedo, Kalúa has been a staple among locals for many years and hasn’t lost its popularity despite the appearance of more stylish ice cream parlours like Mistura. The key to this place’s success is its 100% handcrafted ice creams, affordable prices and delicious flavors, like dulce de leche, kinder bueno and red velvet. Kalúa is definitely a must when it comes to summertime treats in Madrid.

Address: Calle Fuencarral, 131
Metros: Bilbao & Quevedo

6. Palazzo

Heladería Palazzo best ice cream in madrid by Naked Madrid

Here’s another institution: Palazzo, an ice cream chain that has a place in every Madrileño’s childhood. If you don’t believe me, try this: ask any Madrileño about the best ice cream in the centre and their answer will probably be the same “Palazzo”. Few places have endured the passing of time as well as Palazzo. Its range of flavors is classic: chocolate, lemon, pistachio, mint…etc. All of them are famous for being entirely artisanal. My favorite flavors are the pistachio and Turron (a very traditional Spanish sweet eaten at Christmas time, similar to nougat).

Address: among their various locations, we have: Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, 11 and Calle Goya, 49
Metro: Sol or Goya

7. Giuseppe Ricci

best ice cream in madrid by naked madrid guiseppe ricci

Located in Huertas, also known as Barrio de las Letras, this is a wonderful place if you’re looking for great handcrafted ice cream. They have a wide variety of flavours.

Price range: €2.20 – €3.20
Address: Calle de Las Huertas, 9, 28012 Madrid
Metro: Sol, Sevilla or Tirso de Molina

After posting this article, many people have recommended Heladerías La Romana on Paseo de la Habana, 27  (metros: Cuzco, Colombia, Pío XII)

Feel free to recommend us any other places – we’ll add them to the list!





  • August 31, 2014


    Mistura has recently been done up (over the summer I think)… I’ve noticed their coffee has improved (although they’ve slightly upped the price). Their ice-cream is the best I’ve had though! As well as an Indian place in Plaza de Lavapies that sells soy chocolate ice cream :)

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