5 Best Cafe-bookshops in Madrid

La Fugitiva cafe bookshop in Madrid by Naked Madrid

Coffee shops selling books? Bookshops selling coffee? However you call them, here’s round one of my favorite places for coffee and books in Madrid (see round two, here). What I like about these places is that even if you’re not into reading, the vibe is always nice and cozy, plus you can order tea, wine, beer, whisky, you name it.

So if you feel like grabbing a quiet table to read or work at alone, you can do that. And if you feel like meeting up with a friend or even a client, you can do that too. Here goes!

1. La Libre

la libre cafe bookshop madrid by Naked Madrid

This is my mom’s favorite cafe in Madrid. Why? Because a few years ago while she was visiting me in the dead of winter, we went in to warm up after a visit to the Reina Sofia Museum around the corner. When she asked the waiter for a coffee, he said, “No ma’am, I think you need a whisky.” He couldn’t have been more right, she said. They also have nice teas and things to nibble on, from breakfast pastries to empanadas.

Address: c/ Argumosa, 39
Metro: Atocha

2. La Ciudad Invisible

Rebujito at La Ciudad Invisible cafe travel bookshop by Naked Madrid, in Madrid center

I frequent La Ciudad Invisible more than any other cafe on this list, mainly because it’s closest to where I live and it has the biggest space. A travel bookshop selling food and drinks, this cafe has two floors, huge windows and high ceilings, plus plenty of large tables, couches and comfortable armchairs, making it a great place for getting work done and meeting friends. Plus it sells a killer Rebujito for 2€ (a really refreshing yet deceptive drink from the South containing sherry, white wine and soda water) and it’s across the street from one of my favorite restaurants in Madrid, Bar Lambuzo.

Address: c/ Costanilla de los Ángeles, 7
Metro: Opera & Santo Domingo

3. La Infinito

La Infinito cafe bookshop Madrid by Naked Madrid

This little corner café-bookshop lies in Lavapiés and serves up coffee, books & art on a daily basis. Not only does it have a welcoming ambience and lots of light streaming in through its tall glass windows, but it also prides itself on throwing tons of events, from theater performances (one of which took place in the café’s bathroom!) to a very popular Sunday brunch with live jazz music (must make a reservation), and much more.

Address: c/ Tres Peces, 22
Metro: Antón Martín & Lavapiés

4. La Fugitiva

La Fugitiva cafe bookshop in Madrid by Naked Madrid

This one’s the most bookstore-like of all. Since books are the centrepiece at this cafe, I love that its window-seats and tiny bar are truly nestled between towering bookshelves and overflowing tables displaying both bestsellers and rare reads. La Fugitiva has all you need from a café–coffee and sweets–and all you could ask for from a bookstore–readings, talks, presentations, workshops, and of course, that distinct smell of books.

Address: c/ de Santa Isabel, 7
Metro: Antón Martín 

5. Tipos Infames. Libros y Vinos 

Tipos Infames Madrid bookshop cafe Malasaña by Naked Madrid

Tipos Infames Madrid bookshop cafe Malasaña by Naked Madrid

Right off calle Fuencarral in Malasaña, this trendy bookshop café and wine bar is a favorite of many in the neighborhood. I like this place because it has a lot of seating area, a full bar and high ceilings, making it feel open, friendly and comfortable. It’s a great place to go with friends for a quieter conversation in the afternoon. Plus they’ve just launched a new chapter called “El Aperitivo es Sagrado” (the aperitif is sacred), which entails live music on Sundays before lunchtime and a complimentary glass of vermouth with a purchase of a book!

Address: c/ San Joaquín, 3
Metro: Tribunal


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