Madrid’s best rooftop bars, round 2

Hotel de las Letras best rooftop bar in madrid, by Naked Madrid

If you’ve just read round one of Madrid’s best rooftop bars, hope you’re ready for round two! This list includes 4 rooftop bars from different central neighbourhoods of Madrid. Some more upscale than others, these spectacular roofs are perfect havens during the city’s hot months to come.

best rooftop bars in madrid by Naked Madrid

4. Gymage; on top of a gym

Gymage looks like it’s in Ibiza, yet it’s located atop a normal-looking gym. As you sink into white couches, order from a long list of colorful cocktails and feel as though you’re on a sandy Mediterranean beach. The first time I went here it was actually pouring rain outside, though the ambience was still fresh and lively. It was quite cozy to be under the glass-covered area while sipping on mojitos and cosmopolitans, watching the raindrops trickling down the glass.

Address: c/ Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 2, 2ª
Metro: Callao

Hotel de las Letras best rooftop bar in madrid, by Naked Madrid

5. El Hotel de Las Letrason top of a hotel

Situated right on the Gran Vía, El Hotel de las Letras‘ rooftop overlooks all of Madrid’s emblematic buildings and provides a much needed escape from the city’s busy streets. The hotel is in a beautifully restored building with high ceilings and smart design, and it was one of the first hotels to open its azotea to the public, thereby helping start Madrid’s rooftop craze. Although prices on drinks are rather high, the views are spectacular, a live DJ spins at night, and the location is simply unbeatable. After a long day of shopping in the city-center, there’s nothing better than getting yourself up and away from the hustle and bustle, and having yourself a drink in the sky.

Address: Calle Gran Vía, 11,
Metro: Gran Vía or Sevilla
Madrid's best rooftop bars by Naked Madrid

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6. El Viajeroon top of a restaurant & bar

For me, El Viajero‘s quaint rooftop garden stands out for its host neighborhood–La Latina–my favorite place to be on Sundays, or any day of the week for that matter. La Latina is one of Madrid’s oldest neighborhoods and home to some of the city’s most traditional architecture. The nightlife here is always upbeat thanks to an abundance of small bars stacked against each other on famous streets such as La Cava Baja, and packed into cute plazas such as Plaza de la Paja. Situated on a street corner, El Viajero is one of La Latina’s most popular restaurant bars, and its rooftop is well-loved. With plants hanging from every corner and views of old balconies and churches, I wouldn’t think twice about going here if you find yourself in the area.

Address: Plaza Cebada, 11
Metro: La Latina
best rooftop Hotel Oscar madrid

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7. Hotel Oscaron top of a hotel & nightclub

In the heart of Chueca, Hotel Oscar has hands down the most modern, fashionable and upscale rooftop bar on the list. Breathtaking views, white chaise lounges and luxurious swimming pools make Hotel Oscar’s rooftop a top hit among Madrid’s in crowd, and a hallmark of Madrid’s urban nightlife. The Oscar Hotel describes itself with adjectives such as cosmopolitan, friendly, nocturnal and modern, and boasts a contemporary style that’s reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement. In other words, it’s the hottest place to be when the sun goes down.

*the roof opens at the end of April

Address: Plaza Vázquez de Mella, 12 
Metro: Chueca or Gran Vía

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Also feel free to let us know about your favorite Madrid rooftop bar if we’ve missed any :)