What to see:

In this thousand-year-old city, you will find one of the most famous Roman aqueducts in the world, el acueducto de Segovia, as well as the magnificent castle, Alcazar, which really resembles a castle from Disney World. More importantly, while you’re in Segovia you must try their star dish – cochinillo asado – roasted suckling pig which is cooked so tender that it is tradition for the waiters to slice it in front of you with the side of a plate. Although I haven’t succeeded in finding Segovia’s best cochinillo, I highly recommended going to the restaurant Candido which is easy to find as it’s situated in the Aqueduct’s Plaza and its ambiance is very special.

How to get there:

  • By high speed train (AVE)

Depart from: Chamartín train station
Departure (Madrid-Segovia horarios y precios (RENFE))
Return (Segovia-Madrid horarios y precios (RENFE))
Duration: approx. 30 min
Price: 12,70€ (round trip approx. 25€).

*Note. Sometimes you can find special offers on the website.

  • By bus

Depart fromPríncipe Pío bus station
Departure (Madrid-Segovia horarios y precios (La Sepulvedana))
Return (Segovia-Madrid horarios y precios (La Sepulvedana))
Duration: approx. 1 hour 15 min
Price: 8,09€ (round trip 16€)

Where to find it on a map:

Segovia MapImage from wikipedia




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