Goiko Grill, an awesome burger joint in Madrid

best burger in Madrid by Goiko Grill by Naked Madrid

Goiko Grill is the kind of place I wish I had known about years ago. Owned and run by Venezuelans, Goiko Grill is a down-to-earth, young and awesome burger joint, serving, in my opinion, the best burgers in Madrid. Plus it has a fun vibe and good service.

And though I’ve never tried anything off their burger list, they’re also known for their starters, especially the nachos and teques  (tequeños, a popular Venezuelan finger food, similar to mozzarella sticks) as well as for their fresh salads, sandwiches and great desserts.

Tequeños (image from www.facebook.com/goikogrill)

Teques (image from www.facebook.com/goikogrill)

All of Goiko Grill’s burgers are made with 180 grams of top quality Spanish beef, the beloved carne de buey to be exact, and come with ridiculously good homemade potato wedges.  What’s more, the burger menu has a number of mouth-watering combinations and quirky names to pull you in, such as the Puchi (cheddar, bacon and grilled mushrooms), La Philly (190 grams of top quality, tender Spanish beef, topped with crunchy fried onions and cream cheese) and the Aloha (topped with a slice of grilled pineapple and cinnamon, and a slice of ham). 

With so many options,  it’s nice that the waiters are friendly and even speak English. Luís, the waiter who I met last time, is originally from Venezuela but lived in the U.S. for many years. He told me all about Goiko Grill and helped me choose what burger to order as he saw the indecision written on my face. Everything is good here, he told me, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

best burger in Madrid by Goiko Grill by Naked Madrid

Aita burger del norte, topped with Arzua cheese and roasted red peppers

So far, my favorite two burgers are the M-30 Goat Cheese Burger (9.50E) and the Aita Northern Burger (12.50E). The Goat Cheese burger comes with a thick disc of  savory, crumbly goat cheese, and a warm layer of sweet caramelized onions oozing over. The Aita del Norte burger comes with Galician Arzúa cheese and roasted red peppers.

The last time I went to Goiko Grill I went with a friend of mine, Alondra, who has a passion for guacamole. Hence, she ordered the Chipotle burger which came with heaps of guacamole, chipotle sauce, and cheddar cheese. She said it more than hit the spot, and that the homemade potato wedges brought back memories of her mother bringing home a bag of potatoes, chopping them up and frying them.

Chipotle Burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and guacamole (image from www.facebook.com/goikogrill)

Chipotle Burger with cheddar cheese, chipotle sauce and guacamole (image from www.facebook.com/goikogrill)

My husband, who’s also smitten with Goiko Grill, has a slight problem–he wants to try out all the burgers but always ends up ordering his favorite: La Pigma burger. It comes with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and Maho Goiko sauce. Apparently, this burger is the favorite among the boys, and there’s a history behind it that you’ll have to ask the waiters yourself.

best burger in Madrid by Naked Madrid by Goiko Grill

In addition to succulent burgers, Goiko Grill also has great drinks. Monday through Friday from 5pm-8pm, Goiko Grill has different Happy Hour deals; 2×1 on mojitos, beers, wine and other drinks depending on the day. Since it’s located right across the street from Instituto de Empresa (IE), Spain’s most prestigious business university, the clientele is young and enjoys the casual scene.

Address: c/ María de Molina, 16
Metro: Gregorio Marañón
Phone: +910 17 76 98

best burger in Madrid by Goiko Grill by Naked Madrid best burger in Madrid by Naked Madrid at Goiko Grill


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